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University of Saskatchewan leaders focus on new year – Saskatoon

Watch above: new chapter begins at U of S despite some unfinished business

SASKATOON – The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is set to begin a new academic year, but still faces challenges stemming from past events, according to one of the institution’s student leaders.

“It’s a fresh start; it’s a new school year,” said Max FineDay, the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union president.

“That being said, we still face some significant challenges here at the University of Saskatchewan.”

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  • Leadership crisis at University of Saskatchewan: faculty association

  • University of Saskatchewan board of governors chair stepping down

  • Interim University of Saskatchewan president to slow TransformUS down

The university was consistently in the headlines during the past year: last fall, its medical school was put on probation by a governing committee.

In the spring, the U of S dealt with the firing and re-hiring of outspoken tenured professor Robert Buckingham. This triggered changes in the university’s executive, including the firing of former president Ilene Bush-Vishniac.

The university also dealt with layoffs and protests over their cost-cutting TransformUS process.

The new academic year is marked by the university’s annual orientation and welcome week. FineDay said he had many chances to interact with new students at the event.

“There’s a lot of questions and that’s natural, we did go through a lot of challenging times,” said FineDay, who is entering his second year as student president.

However, he added that students are “mostly committed to making sure that they have a great year and that we move forward.”

One of FineDay’s tasks will be aiding in the election of a new university president. Gordon Barnhart currently sits in the role on an interim basis.

“I wasn’t here a year ago and so it’s all the more exciting, but it’s also challenging,” said Barnhart.

“It’s quite a responsibility as a president to run a good show.”

Barnhart said that there will be a major announcement this month from his office that will set the institution’s direction for the year.

“That will lay to rest, I think, all of those concerns and questions that have arisen in the past,” he said.

Despite the public nature of the university’s issues, some students at orientation day were not worried or aware of the political issues that plagued the institution.

“I wasn’t aware of it,” said a first-year arts and science student from Key Lake, Sask.

Obama orders 350 more troops to protect U.S. Embassy in Baghdad – National

WASHINGTON – The U.S. is adding 350 more troops to help protect the American Embassy in Baghdad and its support facilities in the capital, raising the number of U.S. forces in the country to over 1,000, officials said Tuesday.

President Barack Obama approved the additional troops for protection of American personnel following a request by the State Department and a review and recommendation by the Defence Department, the White House said in a statement.

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The buildup of U.S. troops in Baghdad follows the growing threat from Islamic State militants in northern Iraq. Since early August the U.S. has carried out 124 airstrikes against the militants, the latest taking place near the Mosul Dam on Monday.

The additional troops will not serve in a combat role, the White House said. Most are from the Army and some are Marines, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Approximately 820 troops have now been assigned to augment diplomatic security in Iraq, said Rear Adm. John Kirby, the Pentagon’s spokesman.

The additional troops will come from within the U.S. Central Command area of operations and will include a headquarters element, medical personnel, associated helicopters and an air liaison team, Kirby said. Fifty-five troops in Baghdad since June will be redeployed outside of Iraq and replaced by 405 newly deployed troops, he said.

The airstrike Monday near Mosul Dam involved fighters and attack aircraft that damaged or destroyed 16 armed vehicles, Central Command said in a statement late Tuesday.

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Vancouver Police raid marijuana shop on Kingsway – BC

Vancouver Police say they raided an illegal marijuana shop Tuesday.

Officers searched the Budzilla shop in the 2200-block of Kingsway after receiving several complaints from the public.

Police say Budzilla products are not just available in the store on Kingsway, but also at other marijuana shops around town.

The products consist of dry marijuana and THC-infused treats including candy and cookies. Police say the items’ packaging may be appealing to children.

Items seized from the Budzilla shop. Credit: Vancouver Police.

Items seized from the Budzilla shop. Credit: Vancouver Police.

Items seized from the Budzilla shop. Credit: Vancouver Police.

“Drugs were allegedly being sold to virtually anyone that walked in the door, regardless of whether they had a license from Health Canada to possess marijuana or not,” reads a statement from the Vancouver Police.

Police say they identified customers inside the store at the time of the raid, but they were released without charges pending “further investigation.”

“The VPD will continue to respond to any complaints about illegal marijuana use and sales, and take incremental steps to decide if further investigation or enforcement action is required. Our priority remains focusing on violent drug traffickers and those who prey on youth and the marginalized in our community,” reads the VPD statement.

In July, Jim’s Weeds Lounge was raided by police who alleged marijuana was being bought at the store and allegedly sold to youth in the area.

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Hudson passes animal protection bylaw – Montreal

HUDSON, Que. — A small Quebec town west of Montreal is taking action against puppy mills and animal abuse.

On Tuesday night, Hudson passed a bylaw that introduces stiff fines for anyone caught abusing an animal and gives new powers to shut down controversial breeding mills.

SPCA spokesperson Alana Devine talks about Hudson’s strict pet rules

Animal abusers could face $7,500 fines per charge of animal abuse and businesses trying to sell animals through puppy mills or breeding mills will be shut down.

The new bylaw also allows for alley cats and dogs to be captured and then spayed or neutered.

The Quebec town of Hudson adopted strict rules against animal abuse on September 2, 2014.

David Sedell/Global News

It comes as the Quebec government announced it plans to clean up the province’s reputation as a place where animal abuse is rampant.

READ MORE: Quebec to amend Civil Code to better protect animals from abuse

New legislation would redefine the status of an animal in the province’s Civil Code, ensuring that  cats, dogs and other animals will no longer be considered as “personal property” but as living, “sentient” creatures.

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Michael Sam, 1st openly gay player drafted in the NFL, off to join Dallas Cowboys: reports

The Montreal Alouettes will have to continue waiting for Michael Sam.

Both The NFL Network and ESPN reported Tuesday the defensive end is heading to Dallas for a physical with the Cowboys. If Sam passes, he’d join the NFL team’s practice roster.

Sam is trying to become the NFL’s first openly gay player. The 24-year-old was released Saturday by the St. Louis Rams and bypassed by the team for selection to its practice roster Monday.

Sam, a ’14 seventh-round pick by St. Louis, is on the Alouettes’ negotiation list, giving them exclusive rights to the former Missouri star if he chose to play professionally in Canada.

WATCH: Dallas sportscaster weighs in on Michael Sam being drafted late

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Montreal GM Jim Popp said he has reached out numerous times to Sam’s representatives but as of Tuesday hadn’t heard back from them. Popp said he put the six-foot-two, 262-pound Sam on the Alouettes negotiation list because he believes Sam can be an effective player in the CFL.

“He’s an outstanding pass rusher,” Popp said during a telephone interview. “With his body type, he’s a real true CFL rush end.

“If you look at guys like John Bowman (current Alouettes defensive end), Anwar Stewart and Elfrid Payton, that’s Michael Sam.”

Comparing Sam to Bowman, Stewart and Payton is heady praise, indeed. Payton is a recent inductee into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame while Bowman remains one of the CFL’s top pass rushers and has posted a club-high seven sacks this season.

Stewart is currently an assistant coach with Montreal but played in eight Grey Cup games – winning four – during an illustrious 13-year CFL playing career and in ’04 was named the league’s top defensive player.

But Popp said Sam is worthy of such accolades.

“He’s a very good football player and someone who’d fit our system perfectly and fit into our league very well,” Popp said. “He’s a relentless guy off the edge who wouldn’t have to be in coverage very often.”

Popp said he wasn’t surprised by the reports that Sam had garnered another opportunity in the NFL.

“He’s had some success there, he had a very good pre-season with St. Louis (registering three sacks),” Popp said. “Like I said, he’s a very talented football player.”

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PC party responds to voting system concerns ahead of leadership vote

CALGARY- There are concerns that the PC party leadership race could be compromised by the very machines being used to tally the votes.

For the first time ever, the party will use an electronic voting system in this weekend’s election, instead of paper ballots. However, critics are concerned the system could be hacked.

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“It could very well be tainted,” says political analyst Duane Bratt. “We’ll have to see what occurs that day, what occurs the next day. So do the losers respect the results, and is there real evidence to show that? That will be the real test.”

FULL COVERAGE: Alberta PC Leadership Race

Party officials say that if someone wants to cheat they probably could, but fraud will be caught.

“Our instructions as staff were that security was a priority,” says Kelley Charlebois, executive director of the PC party. “So we have gone with a company that is known for its security, we have implemented their security features, we have an auditing process as part of the selection process.

“If someone is really committed to cheating the process, we should catch them.”

Candidates say they’re optimistic the system will work, but will be watching the results closely.

“I have faith and hope,” says Thomas Lukaszuk, who is vying for the vacated premier’s seat. “If that fails…lawyers are on standby. You know how technology can be.”

Thousands of party members are expected to cast ballots beginning on Friday at 6 a.m. Final results will be calculated on Saturday night, which should take two hours.

If there is no winner, a second vote will be held two weeks later.

Global News will have extensive coverage of the PC leadership race, both on air and online.

Your Manitoba: September – Winnipeg

Your Manitoba September 30; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Kiki Weselowski

Your Manitoba September 30; Lowe Farm, Man.

Submitted by: Ed Landry

Your Manitoba September 30; Patricia Beach, Man.

Submitted by: Heather Wiebe

Your Manitoba September 30; Interlake, Man.

Submitted by: Dennis Swayze

Your Manitoba September 26; Beausejour, Man.

Submitted by: Connie Popowe

Your Manitoba September 24; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Michelle Lissel

Your Manitoba September 24; Minnedosa Beach, Man.

Submitted by: Barb Hanishewski

Your Manitoba September 24; Victoria Beach, Man.

Submitted by: Judy Owen

Your Manitoba September 24; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Jeff Vernaus

Your Manitoba September 24; Grand Marais, Man.

Submitted by: Renee Winter

Your Manitoba September 22; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Carolyn Janzen

Your Manitoba September 22; St. Laurent, Man.

Submitted by: Daryl Friesen

Your Manitoba September 22; La Broquerie, Man.

Submitted by: Dylan Cash

Your Manitoba September 22; Buffalo Point, Man.

Submitted by: Liz Nichols

Your Manitoba September 22; Oak Bluff, Man.

Submitted by: Bob Enns

Your Manitoba September 18; Pinawa Harbour, Man.

Submitted by: Ken Reddig

Your Manitoba September 18; Gimli, Man.

Submitted by: Joan Mayhew

Your Manitoba September 18; Matlock, Man.

Submitted by: Kathy Lucas

Your Manitoba September 18; Ste. Anne, Man.

Submitted by: Larry Trush

Your Manitoba September 18; Erickson, Man.

Submitted by: Bev Hulley

Your Manitoba September 16; Hecla Village, Man.

Submitted by: Nellie Dyck

Your Manitoba September 12; Hwy 59

Submitted by: The Beaudrys

Your Manitoba September 12; St. Norbert, Man.

Submitted by: Sandra Roy

Your Manitoba September 12; Grand Beach, Man.

Submitted by: Lannette Fontaine

Your Manitoba September 12; Gull Lake, Man.

Submitted by: Jim Ritchie

Your Manitoba September 9; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Neil Longmuir

Your Manitoba September 9; Pembina Valley, Man.

Submitted by: Jason Dyck

Your Manitoba September 9; Matlock, Man.

Submitted by: James Cove

Your Manitoba September 9; Kaleida, Man.

Submitted by: Shirley Thompson

Your Manitoba September 9; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Jason Lovering

Your Manitoba September 5; Stonewall, Man.

Submitted by: John Good

Your Manitoba September 5; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Victor Jarman

Your Manitoba September 5; Birds Hill, Man.

Submitted by: Cliff Thomas

Your Manitoba September 5; Marquette, Man.

Submitted by: Gerald Laggo

Your Manitoba September 5; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Kathy Rogozik

Your Manitoba September 4; St. Claude, Man.

Submitted by: Louise Rosset

Your Manitoba September 4; Ste. Anne, Man.

Submitted by: Larry Trush

Your Manitoba September 4; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Les Wilkinson

Your Manitoba September 4; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Connie Russo

Your Manitoba September 3; Shoal Lake, Man.

Submitted by: Daryle Friesen

Your Manitoba September 2; Lundar, Man.

Submitted by: Sean LaPlante

Your Manitoba September 2; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Louisa Ryz

Your Manitoba September 2; Matlock, Man.

Submitted by: Kathy Lucas

Your Manitoba September 2; Beaconia, Man.

Submitted by: Shelley Kakish

Your Manitoba September 8; Island Lake, Man.

Submitted by: Helena Natalia

Your Manitoba September 8; Steinbach, Man.

Submitted by: Ricardo Miller

Your Manitoba September 8; St. Claude, Man.

Submitted by: Louise Rosset

Your Manitoba September 11; Gimli, Man.

Submitted by: Leon Formela

Your Manitoba September 11; Victoria Beach, Man.

Submitted by: Dan Reimer

Your Manitoba September 11; West Hawk Lake, Man.

Submitted by: Reid Valmestad

Your Manitoba September 11; Lee River, Man.

Submitted by: Zane Osis

Your Manitoba September 11; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Shannon Anne

Your Manitoba September 15; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Cher Anjema

Your Manitoba September 15; Netley Creek, Man.

Submitted by: David Starin

Your Manitoba September 15; Bothwell, Man.

Submitted by: Walter Wiens

Your Manitoba September 15; Hwy 15, Man.

Submitted by: Daina Soviak

Your Manitoba September 15; Riverton, Man.

Submitted by: Thomas Kowalchuk

Your Manitoba September 17; Hwy 239, Man.

Submitted by: Louisa Petznick

Your Manitoba September 17; Dufrost, Man.

Submitted by: Kevan Pankiw

Your Manitoba September 17; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Kevin L'Esperance

Your Manitoba September 17; Whiteshell, Man.

Submitted by: Marsha Ostertag

Your Manitoba September 17; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Heather Wiebe

Your Manitoba September 19; Teulon, Man.

Submitted by: Mitch McPherson

Your Manitoba September 19; Morden, Man.

Submitted by: Nyomi Sawatzky

Your Manitoba September 19; Plumas, Man.

Submitted by: Debbie Fischer

Your Manitoba September 19; Lakeland, Man.

Submitted by: Diana Gall

Your Manitoba September 19; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Vince Pahkala

Your Manitoba September 23; Altona, Man.

Submitted by:Laurie Braun

Your Manitoba September 23; Birds Hill Park, Man.

Submitted by: Carrie Bazylewski

Your Manitoba September 23; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Jasmine Doolan

Your Manitoba September 23; Gimli, Man.

Submitted by: Sandy Remier

Your Manitoba September 23; Kemnay, Man.

Submitted by: Evan Simard

Your Manitoba September 25; Lee River, Man.

Submitted by: Lil Cameron

Your Manitoba September 25; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by Gail Cabana-Coldwell

Your Manitoba September 25; Dauphin, Man.

Submitted by: Patricia

Your Manitoba September 29; Langruth, Man.

Submitted by: Laverne Roulette,

Your Manitoba September 29; Winnipeg, Man.

Submitted by: Les Wilkinson

Your Manitoba September 29; Petersfield, Man.

Submitted by: Melanie Isfjord

Your Manitoba September 29; Garson, Man.

Submitted by: Laurel Goertzen

Your Manitoba September 29; Whitemouth, Man.

Submitted by: Heather Pischke

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Suspect arrested in sexual assault of 9-year-old Surrey girl

VANCOUVER – A suspect has been arrested in the sexual assault of a nine-year-old Surrey girl.

Twenty-three-year old Surrey resident, Donovan Adams, is facing charges of kidnapping, sexual assault, sexual interference and an indecent act. Adams is of “no fixed address.”

He is known to police, but is not known to the victim.

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“The excellent work by our Special Victims Unit assisted by additional officers in our Major Crime and Investigative Services units along with our Forensic and Video forensic teams led to this investigation progressing as quickly as it did,” says Surrey RCMP Supt. Trent Rolfe. “The Surrey RCMP would like to thank the community for their continued support and cooperation in this investigation. This file remained a top priority for our detachment as we understood the concern the community had regarding public safety since this incident.”

The young girl was lured from her home to a nearby park last week and sexually assaulted. She was lured through her bedroom window and then taken to the yard of a nearby home following the sexual assault.

The girl managed to run back home to her mom who then took her to hospital and called police.

Anyone with further information is asked to call the Surrey RCMP Special Victims Unit at 604-599-0502 and quote file 2014-123662; or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or 杭州夜生活solvercrime桑拿按摩

– With files from Yuliya Talmazan and Peter Meiszner

Doug Ford criticizes media for asking whether scrum breaks campaign rules – Toronto

TORONTO – Doug Ford – Rob Ford’s brother and campaign chair – accused reporters of bias for asking whether his campaign-scheduled city hall scrum slamming his brother’s mayoral rival broke campaign rules.

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The availability took place noon Tuesday outside of the mayor’s office at city hall. There, Doug Ford slammed provincial Liberal Brad Duguid’s praise of John Tory and his statement that (while not “officially” endorsing him) the governing party is “enthusiastic” about Tory’s candidacy.

This appears to break Toronto election rules prohibiting the use of city infrastructure or property for campaign purposes. (While exceptions are made for “unplanned” scrums, this was scheduled and publicized by Mayor Rob Ford’s campaign team Tuesday morning.)

“You can call it whatever you want. This is about building the city, this is about what we talk about day in and day out, building subways,” Doug Ford said when a reporter asked whether he was holding a campaign event at city hall.

“People see through the biased media, and not all the media is biased, a good chunk of them are.”

Ford said reporters shouldn’t be ask questions about the campaign at a scrum scheduled by the campaign.

“Well folks, I got an idea: If the media wants to hold people to account for the rules, don’t ask me one question here at city hall ever about the campaign. You guys can’t help yourself,” he said. “There’s a campaign on and we’re going to move forward. We’re going to talk about the issues going forward every single day.”