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NSCC students hope for jobs at home – Halifax

HALIFAX – First year students at Nova Scotia Community College are hoping for jobs in the province when they complete their welding diplomas.

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In the past, students who completed skilled trades programs in Nova Scotia often went west to finish apprenticeships and find well paying jobs. Experts suggesting that out-migration significantly contributed to Nova Scotia’s so-called ‘brain drain’. In fact,  in his February 2014 report, Ray Ivany highlighted the impact of students leaving for work is having on the provincial economy.

Now, with a new semester beginning, the province and students are hoping that new opportunities will stem that tide and  bring some people back.

Chief among those new opportunities is the Irving Shipyard’s deal with the Federal Government to build ships that could be worth up to $25 billion.

“I’m planning on staying in Nova Scotia with my five year-old who’s just starting school and with the shipbuilding that does give me security to stay here,” said Chastity Husbands, a first year welding student.

The province says it’s not only hoping to keep young Nova Scotians who are getting their skilled trades training, but it’s also hoping to bring back those who have already left.

“It’s a one-two punch, you know getting our young Nova Scotians thinking about trades and its also about bringing some of the old folks home who have been training elsewhere,” said Labour and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan.