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Girl, 7, publishes her own comic book series – National

For many kids, comic books serve as a form of escape from the real world, a place to let their imaginations soar.

Seven-year-old Symana Symanski is no different. According to her mother Natalie, she “has loved super heroes since she could express herself.”

But Symana isn’t just escaping into comic books anymore — she’s released a comic of her own thanks to her mother’s influence, the support of strangers, and her own creativity.

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The Girl Who Rides Rainbows made its debut at Anime Expo in Los Angeles this year, the first part of  a planned comic book series written by Symanski.

According to a post on her mother’s Imgur page, the seeds for the comic series were started when Symana, at 5, stopped wanting to hear bedtime stories from her mom — so she could tell them herself.

With her daughter’s permission, Natalie began jotting down Symana’s story ideas on her cell phone to share with family and friends.

Slowly but surely, Symana’s stories started to gain a small following online.

Artists volunteered drawings of the characters in settings in her stories, and slowly the idea for The Girl Who Rides Rainbows came into being.

And Natalie says Symana had clear ideas on what she wanted right from the start.

“We’d have to rearrange the house, the character’s clothes, everything, until she goes, ‘that’s just the way I wanted it.’” Natalie told KGPE News in California.

The story follows a young girl who is transported to a magical kingdom by the pages of a magical book.

Symana got to show off her work on “Artists Row” at Anime Expo.

“The happiness I saw in her from watching complete strangers buy and return the next day ranting about it made my heart swell with so many emotions.” Natalie wrote of her daughter’s experience.

Now the family has started a crowd funding campaign to get the next installment of Symana’s series, called Tiny Tales Chess, published.

In the meantime, her mother writes that Symana’s transition to the publishing world has done worlds of good for her self-confidence, as the comic book fan was previously bullied for her love of super heroes.

So, as Stan Lee is fond of saying: until next time, true believers!