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Brawl between bouncers and bar patron prompts investigation – Calgary

CALGARY- Police have been called in to investigate a fight that broke out in front of a pub on 17 Avenue S.W., which sent a man to hospital.

Cell phone video captured the scene outside of Jamesons Irish Pub on Sunday night, and shows two bouncers fighting with a man outside the front door.

One of the men who took the video says staff were using too much force.

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“It was so savage, like two on one, no one deserved to be treated like that regardless of what they did,” says witness Bikrum Kandola. “When I ran up they stopped and looked up at me, and got off of him.”

The man was seen with a bloodied head, and was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Management at Jamesons say the man had been told to leave the bar, hit a doorman as he was leaving, then came back and started the fight. Surveillance footage taken at a nearby business shows a man running towards the bar, then throwing punches and attacking the doormen.

Police plan to review the video, before deciding if charges should be laid.

“Anything’s possible at this point,” said Sgt. Jason McDonald. “We can only make that judgment call once we have all the information, and gathered gone through all of that. But at this point nobody has been charged.”

He adds that it appears the bouncers were simply doing their jobs.

“The victim slash offender in this incident was very aggressive and assaultive toward the bar staff,” McDonald explained. “So the door staff felt they had to make themselves safe, and make their patrons feel safe as well.”

Jamesons is speaking with the doorman to determine if he wants to press charges.